It is a cutting-edge health tracker, empowering patients to monitor symptoms, medications, and diet. The information from the diary could be shared with your doctors to make a more accurate diagnosis. Machine learning provides advanced analytics and health red flag identification.

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Add the part of the body that hurts, the type of the pain (how it feels), and the severity (how strong is the pain) as well as duration of tha pain


Add the symptom entry, and specify time and duration along with severity (how strong is the symptom)


Add weight entry, specify how many kilos you have now. Later you compare previous entries with the current one and observe the trends


Add Food entry, specify main dish, drinks, and sweets. Fill in grams and liters of meals and drinks


Add the sports activities, specify exactly what you do, the duration of the activity, tags, and your notes


Add medication entry, set all the medications you took, and go back any time to check what you take

Specify all the details

In our app you can fill in the details you might need. For example, pain entry contains part of the body, pain type, severity of the pain, time and duration. Or in food entry it is possible to put main dish, sweets, drinks, with grams and milliliters.

Save to favourites

While you are adding the entry you can click on the item name and it will become favourite so that you don't need to type it each time.

Analytics, Search, Export

To be able to see the bigger picture - you could take a look at the reports page. It has a summary of what happened during the week and pain charts.If you need the reported data for your doctor, or to use it your own way - you can always export it.Tag your entries and search them by the tag name in 2 clicks.

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